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indexHometown Catering offers top quality outdoor event catering and awesome event bars. Hometown Catering has a full 5 star hygiene rating and can offer amazing sausages and burgers made with the best possible ingredients. Our event bars are amazing for weddings, festivals, beer festivals and fetes. Our drinks are all top quality and reasonably priced. All our staff are friendly and helpful and are a pleasure to have at any event. We have also added in 2o18, Awesome Coffee and BEER TENT into the Hometown Family. We are now offering incredible coffee and a fully stocked event Beer Tent.

If you have enquiries or would like to book us for your event please email ben@hometown-festivals.com


New for 2018 | Awesome Coffee!

Hometown have worked hard to bring an exciting new offering to our catering division. Working with Horsham Coffee Roaster who specialise in DIRECT TRADE coffee we have created Hometown Awesome Artisan Coffee. Being direct trade, the farmers that grow our coffee can get up to 8 times more money for their beans. The result is happier farmers and top grade coffee! In addition to this we have sourced the finest ‘dual-fuel’ coffee machine. Meaning we can set up anywhere with our coffee cart, even if there is no power supply! Our Eco-conscience with clear with our set up, we use Vegware cups and lids that are made from plants are completely compostable. Our plastic milk cartons get recycled, the used coffee grinds end up in our compost bin and we even have Oat Milk on the stall for lactose intolerant customers! The coffee tasted awesome too…

Case Study | 
21st Birthday Party

Hometown were called to organise the bar and catering at the 21st birthday party. After discussing the requirements with the birthday girl, Hometown then also successfully supplied the marquee, dancefloor, tables and chairs, glasses, lighting, toilets and other finishing touches to create an absolutely awesome party.


Case Study | Wedding evening catering

Hometown were asked to provide the evening catering at the glorious wedding of Mr and Mrs Denby. Hometown were asked to provide a selection of three different types of burgers to suit all tastes and  to serve all guests within a short period of time as they all came outside to watch the fireworks display. Another awesome success and wedding!


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